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Hey Geri fans stay tuned for an update. Just a heads up, I am working on a separate gallery for Geri’s work with the Spice Girls. I will post the link when that gallery is ready to be viewed.

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THE SPICE GIRLS reunion last Friday was something almost no one saw coming – least of all GERI HORNER.

She gathered her bandmates VICTORIA BECKHAMMEL CEMMA BUNTON and MEL B at her London home to discuss bringing back the group, six years after they last performed together at the closing ceremony of the 2012 Olympics.

But speaking as she guest-edited Bizarre to reveal all about the reunion, her life and new BBC Saturday night show All Together Now, Geri confessed she had ­previously given up all hope of the biggest girl group of all time reforming — despite being desperate to make it happen.

Reflecting on their failed effort to get together for the 20th anniversary of debut single Wannabe in 2016, she said: “We all pushed for it, like, ‘Come on, let’s try and make it happen.’ It didn’t.

“You get to a point where you go, ‘Do you know what, just let it go.’ And I was having a baby.

“I’d really sort of let it go. It’s funny, they say let things go and I really had.

“That’s when I decided to go into ­television. A BBC executive said, ‘We think you should do primetime entertainment.’ She really encouraged me to do it.”

The result was All Together Now, the brilliant new singing series which continues on BBC1 at 7.15pm on Saturday.

But now Geri has the Spice reunion to think about too — which will see them tour the UK and America.

I revealed that the girls were ­meeting for the first time in six years last Friday and I have stayed at the forefront of the story ever since. On Saturday I told how surprising it was that Victoria is really pushing forward with the reunion, having ruled herself out entirely when discussions began in 2015.

Geri said: “When it finally came together the other day, we all came and sat around and went, ‘Maybe we should do something.’ And we all agreed.

“I think everyone goes through ­different stages in their life. I can’t speak for Victoria, but when you have children you just reflect.

“Who knows why but you get into different mind frames.

Read the full article at The Sun.

Gallery adds:


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Screen captures of Geri from the show are now in the gallery.

All Together Now (2018) > Episode One – Captures

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Captures of Geri from the show are now in the gallery.

Video Captures > Interviews > 2018 | ITV’s Good Morning Britain

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Geri is a judge on the new BBC One show All Together Now. Promotional photos of Geri are now in the gallery. Episode captures will be added soon.

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Geri recently attended the National Television Awards. Photos from the event are now in the gallery.

Public Events > 2018 > National Television Awards

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Photos of Geri from various events in 2003 have been added to the gallery.

Public Events > 2003

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Geri recently attended the Sky Women in Film and TV Awards.

Public Events > 2017 > Sky Women in Film and TV Awards